AOSpine Faculty Center

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Faculty Development

Symbolic picture showing AOTrauma, AOSpine, AOCMF and AOVET offering faculty development training programs. 

The AO Faculty Development team develops faculty training programs for all Clinical Divisions of the AO. These competency-based programs offer a broad range of learning opportunities to sup­port AO faculty members in achieving their educational goals. Based on adult learning principles, they pro­mote excellence in teaching, facilitation of surgeon learning, and curriculum develop­ment, and pro­vide constructive feedback to the participating faculty members. The skills and strategies developed in these programs positively impact course design and contribute to our mission to deliver high qual­ity education—ultimately translating into clinical practice for the benefit of patients.

The pathway and the programs

The new aligned faculty pathway applies to all AO Clinical Divisions and AO Initiatives and consists of three main levels that are based on the three major faculty roles in the AO: faculty, chairperson, and educational leader. For each level, there is a corresponding Faculty Development Program. Before becoming eligible for these programs, the candidates must have gone through the official faculty application process of their CD.

Faculty Education Program (FEP)

Faculty Education Program (FEP) 

The FEP equips new faculty members who have an upcoming faculty assignment with the skills required to successfully give a lecture, facilitate a small group discussion, or run a practical exercise at an AO educational event. This program also introduces the participants to the "7 AO Principles of Education" and how they can be applied to the different teaching methods.

Program duration: 5 weeks online—1.5 days face-to-face—3 weeks online.

Chairperson Education Program (CEP) 

Chairperson Education Program (CEP)  

The CEP is targeted at experienced faculty members who have an upcoming chairperson assignment and already completed the FEP. The program introduces the principles of instructional design, faculty management, as well as assessment and evaluation.

Program duration: 5 weeks online—1.5 days face-to-face—3 weeks online.

Leader Education Program (LEP) 

Leaders Education Program (LEP)  

Highly experienced faculty members and chairperson who get selected for important governance or education roles (eg, Education Commission members, Education Taskforce members, Educational Advisors or Regional Education Team members) should attend the LEP that teaches important leadership skills enabling them to lead teams effectively and manage educational projects. If there are prospective Regional Education Team members amongst the participants, the LEP will contain the optional module "Regional Education Team Training" (RETT) which is targeted at these participants.

Program duration: 5 weeks online—2 days face-to-face—(+0.5 for optional module).


AOSpine Curriculum

During all the faculty development training programs, future Faculty members, Chairpersons and Educational Advisors have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the AOSpine Curriculum, receiving the adequate support to understand how to use the framework effectively in their activities.


How can I participate?

If you are an active professional in the field of spine surgery and are interested in becoming a faculty member of AOSpine, we kindly request you to fill in the faculty member AOSpine Faculty application form_2017.pdfapplication form and send it with your CV and 2 recommendation letters to: Please note that being an AOSpine member is a prerequisite for becoming an AOSpine faculty member (for further information on how to become an AOSpine member, please visit our Membership Program page).