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AOSpine Faculty Development

Faculty Development

Education and training for faculty members is a key element towards achieving the learning outcomes of any educational event. Therefore, AOSpine has extensively developed a consistent set of training programs for Faculty Development, comprising all of the relevant knowledge and skills required for those interested in joining AOSpine’s esteemed educational team.

Concept and objectives

AOSpine Faculty Development consists of a series of training programs, at progressive levels, which enable interested spine surgeons to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to become an AOSpine faculty member. With the adequate training, they are able to get involved in the organization and implementation of educational activities and become eligible for the roles of faculty, chairperson or educational advisor at AOSpine educational events.

Faculty Development

AOSpine faculty members undergo such training programs in order to get familiar with the organization’s values and mission, the structure of the events and the AOSpine Curriculum guidelines to be followed when participating in or implementing an educational activity. All Faculty Development programs are competency-based and follow principles for adult learning. They pro­mote excellence in teaching, facilitation of surgeon learning and curriculum develop­ment tools, as well as constructive feedback.


The AOSpine Faculty Development programs are developed by the AO Faculty Development  team, assuring that all AO faculty members comply with the high quality of AO's educational events throughout the world.   

By investing in the improvement of faculty’s teaching skills, AOSpine wants to foster a professional teaching culture, which improves clinical practice and ultimately generates better patient outcomes.

AOSpine Curriculum

An important component in all AOSpine Faculty Development training programs is the AOSpine Curriculum. The Curriculum is a learning framework which encompasses content from six areas of spine pathology, delivering knowledge based on competencies and learning outcomes. This framework provides faculty members with the most relevant tools to perform effectively across the different areas of spine surgery, ensuring an effective structure for developing a progressive learning path for the participants of AOSpine educational activities.


During the Faculty Development training programs, future Faculty members, Chairpersons and Educational Advisors have the opportunity to become acquainted with this framework, receiving the adequate support to understand how to use the AOSpine Curriculum effectively in their activities. The faculty training activities focus on assisting participants in applying the Curriculum framework when preparing their lectures or cases. The Curriculum serves as a framework to the Chairpersons, when selecting the level, pathology, competencies and learning outcomes when developing their courses, and it serves the Educational Advisor to ensure that the educational outcomes of the activity are met. The result is the alignment of educational events based on competencies and learning outcomes used world-wide by AOSpine, ensuring high quality standards in the activities developed in any region.



The AOSpine faculty body is divided into levels: Faculty, Chairperson and Educational Advisor.


For each role there is a specific faculty training program where the participants learn to perform the tasks corresponding to this role:

Training for Faculty (T4F): AOSpine's T4F is designed for AOSpine Faculty members who want to improve their skills regarding lecturing, leading interactive discussion groups and instructing at practical exercise tables. It consists of online activities prior to a face-to-training, which are held and organized by the AOSpine regions. In the training, participants have the opportunity to be introduced to the AOSpine Curriculum, understanding the importance of developing lectures based on the proposed competences and learning outcomes. 


Training for Chairpersons (T4C): Similarly to the T4F, the T4C consist of online and face-to-face interaction. It is aimed at engaging the future Chairpersons in online discussions, interactive modules, as well as teaching educational concepts. The aim of this training is to understand the role and responsibilities of a course chairperson at an AOSpine educational offering. The training emphasizes the processes to implement the AOSpine Curriculum, providing the Chairpersons with knowledge and tools to align the program to competences and learning outcomes. The Chairpersons also learn how to use and evaluate the AO's assessment tools, which forms a crucial part of all educational events.

Training for Educational Advisors (T4EA): The EA is an advisory role, which supports the Chairperson in any aspect related to delivering an AOSpine course based on the Curriculum. The EA is responsible to make sure all key components of the Curriculum are integrated and all educational and organizational principles are met. At the T4EA participants learn how to assist the Chairperson in operational aspects, as well as how to intervene before, during and after an educational event in order to ensure the maintenance of high quality education.

How can I participate?

If you are an active professional in the field of spine surgery and are interested in becoming a faculty member of AOSpine, we kindly request you to fill in the faculty member application form and send it to: Please note that being an AOSpine member is prerequisite for becoming an AOSpine faculty member (for further information on how to become an AOSpine member, please visit our Membership Program page.

Participation steps

After submitting your application, a selection process will take place and you will be informed about your application status. In case you were selected you will be invited to the next training program in your country.

Once you have completed the first training courses and successfully performed at educational events, AOSpine will assist you in your career path, making sure the adequate training programs are provided and that your engagement in our activities continues to grow. Your career path as an AOSpine faculty will also depend on your performance at the educational events, number of available faculty in your region, combining the Chairs’ preferences and your skills, among other factors. Overall, becoming a faculty member at AOSpine means being immersed in a challenging community, which is constantly working to improve lifelong education focused on patient care. 



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