About AOSpine Education

AOSpine Education's highly interactive activities are based on the competencies that enable spine surgeons at different stages of their career to perform effectively and to meet the standards of the profession.

Leaders in Spine Education 

Each year, AOSpine runs over 130 educational events worldwide with an esteemed international faculty body, which AOSpine is proud to develop and nurture. By developing the mentoring skills of its faculty members, AOSpine ensures they are in a prime position to impart their knowledge to the next generation of spine surgeons.

AOSpine Fellowships 

AOSpine Fellowships complement this offering, providing budding spine surgeons with the opportunity to work in the international network of AOSpine Spine Centers, and learn from the best in the field.

Academic Congresses

Additionally, AOSpine Education organizes the Global Spine Congress and the World Forum for Spine Research; unique academic platforms with the aim to educate, stimulate debate, and advance knowledge in the field of spine care.