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AOSpine is the leading global academic community for innovative education and research in spine care, inspiring lifelong learning and improving patients' lives.

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You can choose between two membership packages: the AOSpine Membership which features a range of exclusive benefits that are not available anywhere else and the AOSpine Membership Plus, which includes all the benefits of AOSpine Membership, plus access to online journals.



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​Online Education


Videos, webinars, lectures and live surgeries with demonstration of the latest techniques and advances in spine surgery.

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​AOSpine members profit from attractive discounts on AOSpine courses and events.  

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AO Surgery Reference​ ​ ​

Would you like to know more about the Lenke classification of deformities, the patient examination, and the selection of the fusion levels? If so, then the new AOSpine online referencing module is for you.

Find out more about the AO Surgery Reference.


Fellowship​ and Mentorship Programs ​


​Be entiteled to participate in our Fellowship and Mentorship programs.

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Tool that enables members to discuss cases with colleagues worldwide.

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Fast and easy access to thousands of AOSpine members.

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AOSpine Website​ ​

​Find updated information about AOSpine, Education, Research and Community development.

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Stay updated on the latest developments in AOSpine.

We keep you posted on research developments, educational offerings and upcoming AOSpine events worldwide.

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Newsletter​ ​


Bringing you news from the spine community and AOSpine research, education and event highlights.

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​Global Spine Journal

An international peer reviewed quarterly journal that includes scientific articles as well as original research, reviews, commentaries, editorials, technical reports, and case studies in all spine field.


The Global Spine Journal is now incorporating special editions of Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal.

EBSJ—Evidence-Based Spine-Care Journal—an original cutting edge peer-reviewed bi-annual journal dedicated to finding, describing and developing quality evidence in spine.

Find out more about the Global Spine Journal and EBSJ and access them.

AOSpine members benefit from:
  • No Author Publication Charges
  • Print Subscription to Global Spine Journal 




Books and e-books Discounts​ ​


AOSpine members profit from a 20 % discount on AOSpine books and e-books.  

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Online Journals (PLUS Members only)​ ​

​AOSpine Membership Plus offers all the benefits of AOSpine Membership, and online access to all top rated spine, orthopedic, and trauma journals:
  • Spine 
  • European Spine Journal online
  • Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine online
  • Journal of Spinal Disorders & Techniques
  • Clinical Orthopedics & Related Research
  • Journal of Orthopedic Trauma
  • Journal of Trauma: Injury, Infection & Critical Care
  • Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics
  • Journal of Pediatric Orthopaedics Part B
  • Current Orthopaedic Practice
  • Current Opinion in Orthopaedics 

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