AOSpine's Governance Model

AOSpine International was established in June 2003. Since then, it operates under its own governance model managed by the AOSpine International Board.

AOSpine's key governing bodies includes:

  • The AOSpine International Board
  • The Global Education, Research and Community Development Commissions
  • 5 Regional Boards
  • Numerous Country Councils

AOSpine Education, Research and Community Development Commissions

The commissions operate globally with the aim to share expertise and leverage resources across the regions; ideally to help define, integrate, and implement coherent policies for the general good of the organization.

AOSpine Regional Boards

AOSpine consists of five regions: 

  • Asia Pacific 
  • Europe and Southern Africa
  • Latin America 
  • Middle East and Northern Africa 
  • North America

Each region has a Board with its own budget and is fully responsible for all of the region’s actions and activities, leading to quicker decision-making and ensuring all activities are relevant to the specific regional needs.

    AOSpine Country Councils

    The AOSpine Regional Boards operate AOSpine Country Councils. This provides even greater opportunities for local members to get involved, build, and strengthen the organization.

    AOSpine International Board Structure


    AOSpine Reporting and Collaboration




    Holds strategic and operational decision-making capacity and budgetary control within its defined sphere of influence.


    A global, fixed steering group with an open duration, subordinate to the AOSpine International Board.​


    Administrative and decision-making unit of an AOSpine Country Chapter. It may or may not have budgetary control.​


    Boards, Commissions, and Councils are elected. Additional Committees and Task Forces may be appointed.